Come and experience our award winning service!

Experience our award winning service!

Welcome to Mughal Foods, Quality Indian Breads Made Fresh in Perth, W.A.

Mughal Foods is Perth’s only wholesale bakery specialising in a variety of Indian breads. Since our inception in 1986 we have created a niche market for Indian breads. We have developed a reputation for making the best quality of Indian breads and also providing a reliable and efficient service.

Our Philosophy

We believe our customers should only have the best. That’s why we purchase the finest ingredients available for our products, sourcing our flour only from Australian grown wheat. We care about your health, and will never use preservatives or artificial additives in our bread to extend the shelf life for the convenience of supermarkets.

All our breads are vegetarian and vegan friendly, without animal fats or byproducts of any kind. We use Canola oil as it is considered a superior oil.

Our Customer base includes Hotels, Restaurants, Airline caterers, Ship caterers and Retail oulets. We have the ability to manufacture to our customer’s requirements.

We also provide home deliveries for bulk orders. Please contact us for more information.

Our selection of breads include

15cm diameter Roti, 15cm diameter Plain Flour Chapaties, 15cm diameter Wholemeal Chapaties, 20cm diameter Wholemeal Chapaties, 20cm diameter Plain Flour Chapaties, 15cm diameter Naan Bread, Cocktail Naan, 20cm diameter Plain flour Parathas, 20cm diameter Wholemeal Parathas, 10cm diameter Instant Poori, 15cm diameter Peking Duck Pastry.

See which of our breads takes your interest and click on one to find out more about it!

20cm Wholemeal Parathas

20cm Plain Flour Chapatis

Peking Duck Pastry available from Mughal Foods Perth

15cm Peking Duck Pastry


10cm Instant Poori

5cm Cocktail Naan


15cm Naan

20cm Plain Flour Paratha


20cm Wholemeal Chapati


15cm Wholemeal Chapati




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